THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES- Can GOD save AMERICA from the ravages of BIDEN? – #662

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In this fiery broadcast, Savage voices his concerns about America’s deteriorating state under President Biden, criticizing the corruption and debauchery emanating from Washington. Can America be saved from this time of chaos and destruction? Are we powerless against the Biden regime? He likens America to a shipwreck under Biden, with a deranged captain and a complicit media that supports the president despite his disastrous actions. He then reflects on the value of knowing the truth in these dark times as congressional aides debase the halls of Congress and Jill Biden degrades the White House. He shares his thoughts on the power of prayer and his personal experiences of feeling closer to God through music, nature, and communal worship. He recounts experiencing God’s presence in a Harlem Baptist church and a Fijian village, but laments that many modern houses of worship lack the same sense of connection. He contrasts the authentic religiosity found in congregations and religious institutions with the commercialization and secularization of contemporary faith. Savage reminisces about personal experiences with God and encourages listeners to seek spiritual resonance through various means. Savage then shifts towards concern for the politically and militarily tense situation in the Middle East, criticizing the wasteful use of millions of dollars on missiles instead of addressing the root causes of conflicts. Don’t miss this profound message only on The Michael Savage Podcast!

-“What percentage of all taxes collected do Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, or recent immigrants pay?”

– “Then there’s Miss Wu Klux Klan in Boston with her electeds of color only party.”

-“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Look at Biden. This is a living example of what corruption is because of the power madness.”

-“Did you see one of the Congressional aides on all fours naked where hearings are heard? These are the people who actually run Congress. The old people don’t run it. They let their 25-year-old psychotic, leftwing aides run Congress.”

-“I think his wife is running the country. She’s doing the damage to this nation. She’s the fanatic leftist, the sociologist Jill.”

-“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Can America survive the ravages of Joseph Biden and his gang of insane degenerates, two world wars, runaway inflation, crime out of control, crime wave, broken borders?

– “People are gagging on the filth and destruction coming from the Biden regime.”

– “The last time I was in a house of worship where I actually felt God’s presence was in Harlem, New York, 1966 when I met Billy the street preacher… I never saw anything like it. The floors were shaking as the black people were singing out to God.” 

– “I have an immigrant soul. I never gave up. I kept fighting and I said you’re not going to destroy me. You’re not going to defeat me, and here I am, but will my country survive? Can the country survive the ravages of this degenerate Administration or are we soon to be this shipwreck?”

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