The Border Invasion Is Worse Than Ever, and Your Government Won’t Do Anything About It

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Do you believe your congressman truly cares about the border crisis and is really willing to do what’s necessary to stop it? How about your senators? Are you sure?

We already know President Biden and Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas do not care. They’re facilitating this madness!

Up on Capitol Hill, Republican efforts to clamp down on illegal immigration are either met with Democrats denying any problem exists or labeling GOP efforts to reform the asylum process as radical.

But the latest numbers on illegal immigration show the invasion is getting worse. Just this month, we’ve seen record numbers in Arizona, with 20,000 illegals processed in just one week. And that does not include those who evaded border patrol agents.
After almost three years, the Biden administration’s gaslighting and blame-shifting are really stale. Just how vulnerable is our national security because of this tsunami of illegal immigration? How serious is the threat to your community because of fentanyl and human trafficking?

Sara welcomes former Drug Enforcement Administration Director of Special Operations Derek Maltz to explain the depth of the current crisis and what to do about it.

And don’t miss Part 2 of their conversation on Thursday’s podcast.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 The border is out of control
4:57 Maltz joins the show
7:24 9/11 & the DEA
11:29 They would try to knock my stories down
15:07 Iran’s sleeper cell connections
17:37 20,000 plus encounters
21:17 It is destroying our nation
24:53 We are under attack
27:48 Cartels have so many resources
29:59 Show Close



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