The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 05/14/23 – Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mark Robinson Kayleigh McEnany, and some epic Dan rants

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First up today, we talked with Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders about her Medicare reforms in her state, setting an example for the rest of the country, and we talked about a few other things. Then, a chyron on Fox about TikTok users being offended by the National anthem set Dan off. Next, we talked with NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson talking about his run for Governor in his state. Then Dan had a theory about who was releasing these Tucker Carlson “hit” videos, and it didn’t go along with the narrative. He gave his theory in epic fashion. Finally we talked with Kayleigh McEnany about her new book Serenity In The Storm, and about some culture war issues.

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