The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 07/10/22

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First up, we talked with Steve Deace about the Jan. 6th committee hearing, Hunter Biden, how establishment Republicans have no clue what their base cares about, and the latest Covid news. Also about his book coming out in November, Why Thanksgiving. Next, we talked with Layah Heilpern, an expert on crypto, talking about how this commodity is important in our current economic climate. Then we talk with everyone’s favorite guest Leo Terrell, who talked to us about the ridiculous Cassidy Hutchinson testimony, the Dobbs decision, Gavin Newsom’s aspirations, and a lot more. Finally, we had Governor Kristi Noem talking about her new book “Not My First Rodeo” and a lot more.

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The Real Insurrectionists


CONK! [email protected] – 7.10.22