The Darkest Day in Modern Israeli History

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Townhall Review – October 14, 2023 

Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher highlight the role of Iran supporting Hamas and urges the United States to abandon efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal. He suggests practical steps such as freezing funds and enforcing sanctions. 

Victor Davis Hanson criticizes U.S. support for Hamas by indirectly funding them through a $6 Billion dollar ransom to Iran. He points out the State Department’s message that seemed to downplay the Israel-Palestine violence and expresses frustration with the Biden administration’s approach, comparing it to their domestic crime policy.

Hugh Hewitt discusses the personal impact of the recent Israeli conflict with Yoni Tidi, a former Israel Defense Forces member who lost family members in this past weekend’s conflict, highlighting the urgency for a robust response against Iran. Yoni conveys his frustration, underscoring the barbaric brutality of the conflict in Gaza.

Dennis Prager and Michael Oren, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, discuss the immense human toll in Israel from recent attacks, drawing a comparison to a 9/11-scale tragedy. Oren emphasizes the severity of the situation and the challenges in countering a biased narrative in the media.

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