The Easy Way Out

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Dennis and Julie delve into the fact that most things in life require hard work.  What Dennis said that moved Julie’s mother… parents taking credit and blame when it comes to how children turn out.  Rabbi Saks – God keeps the answer secret …otherwise we wouldn’t fight to improve it.  God created doubt.  Is not believing in God a luxury?  Never take the easy way out… it doesn’t exist… it’s trap!  Dennis says… we’re all not special… but he does believe everyone has a gift.  Do you have a gift that you don’t utilize?  Socrates – the unexamined life is not worth living.  One of your biggest goals in life should be… to be an easy person.  Train yourself to react to situations more calmly.  At what age does one begin to think about mortality?  Martin Luther was a crucial figure in developing western civilization and doesn’t get the acknowledgement.  If you don’t how bad it WAS… then you don’t know how good it IS!  Dennis has learned to not reflect on the unanswerable.

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