The Future of COVID Shots | 9/7/22

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The upside-down world continues to spin into chaos. Obama seems to dislike Biden as much as we do. The Left continues to show hypocrisy when it comes to accepting outcomes of elections. Will more COVID shots be in our future? After all, the reason God made us is to get vaccines. Healthy athletes are suspiciously getting more blood clots recently. Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” has an amazing viewer count for its opening weekend, but it appears that not many people enjoyed it. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an abysmal viewer rating. Stu Burguiere joins the show for the over/under on the upcoming football season. Just how far are we now on the ten stages to genocide chart? What do the American people really think about Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan? A Kansas teacher won her lawsuit against the school district for firing her over her religious beliefs regarding pronouns. 

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