The Loser in The White House | 09-01-21

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On today’s episode of Bernie & Sid in the Morning, Sid continues to man the ship solo. Yesterday, the President spoke on the unfolding of events in Afghanistan. As Sid so eloquently predicted during yesterday’s program, President Biden used the time to take a victory lap for “ending the war.” In reality, Sid explains, our Commander in Chief abandoned our troops, calling the mission a success while American boots are still stranded behind enemy lines. Because of this mess Biden has created, Senator Lindsey Graham has called for the impeachment of the President on a count of Dereliction of Duty. Sid shifts gears to local politics and welcomes fellow WABC Radio host Frank Morano onto the program to discuss Sliwa vs. Adams. Who better to follow up that discussion than Republican Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa himself. Curtis sits down with Sid to explain why he is the right choice for the next Mayor of New York City. Later on in the show, Sid also welcomes famed designer Joseph Abboud, Offense Attorney Joe Tacopina, and WABC’s very own host of the Red Carpet Rendezvous podcast, Lauren Conlin. As always, make sure you stay tuned for today’s installments of Lidia Reports and The Peerless Boilers Beat Bernie Contest.


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