The New Cold War with China

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Congressman Mike Gallagher speaks before the House of Representatives on why the U.S. national security stakes with China are so high.

Hugh Hewitt invites former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the critical moment the U.S. is in with China, as well as his book, “Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love.”

Hugh Hewitt invites Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton to talk about his latest book, “Only the Strong: Reversing the Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power.”

Michele Tafoya talks with Michael Sobolik, who serves on the American Foreign Policy Council, to talk about how deeply intertwined China and the United States are, especially in the world of sports, namely the NBA.

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CONK! News Weekend – Lyin’ in State Edition (Feb. 10-12, ’22)


CONK! News Weekend – Lyin’ in State Edition (Feb. 10-12, ’22)