The Next Move in the #SueTheView Saga with Kurt Schlichter and Adam Corolla

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To make heads or tails of the ongoing saga of #SueTheView, Charlie welcomes Kurt Schlichter, trial lawyer and author of “We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America,” onto the show to discuss the pros and cons of TPUSA’s possible lawsuit against the progressive propaganda machine that is “The View” on ABC. As Charlie looks into different avenues to defend the reputations and futures of thousands of students who were defamed by Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, he gets Kurt’s perspective as a lawyer who has filed—and won—defamation suits in the past. They also discuss Merrick Garland and the DOJ’s possible indictment of former President Trump, and what that would mean for conservatives pursuing justice. Next, Charlie is joined by comedian, radio personality, and author of “Everything Reminds Me of Something” Adam Corolla for a theological and philosophical discussion on death, comedy, and the woke’s assault on honest humor. Lastly, Charlie gives his listeners a sneak peak of a brand new billboard campaign TPUSA is launching across the United States targeting Bill Gates and the CCP.

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