The Perils of Politicized Prosecutions

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Townhall Review – August 19, 2023

Hugh Hewitt turns to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton to discuss the recent indictment of President Donald Trump in Georgia. They delve into the implications of using the RICO Act against a former U.S. President and questioning the perceived politicization of legal actions and its impact on future U.S. elections and democracy.

Seth Leibsohn dives deep into the ongoing indictments against Donald Trump, revealing biases against conservative figures and their implications for the upcoming presidential race.

Sebastian Gorka is joined by John Solomon, founder of JustTheNews, to unpack discrepancies surrounding the Bidens’ business dealings. Solomon highlights contradictions, using insider evidence that challenges President Joe Biden’s previous statements.

Trish Regan questions Attorney General Merrick Garland‘s decision to elevate David Weiss to Special Counsel, challenging the propriety of the move and highlighting the ongoing controversies surrounding the Hunter Biden investigations.

Charlie Kirk sits down with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy in Washington D.C. to talk about his transition from a liberal upbringing to leading Republican, his embodiment of grit, and the historical figures that inspire him. McCarthy shares insights on facing media scrutiny, navigating challenges on campus, and strategies for young conservatives to persevere.

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