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Savage speaks about the misrepresentation of Christians, the influence of Christian values on society, the decline of Western civilization, and the importance of holding onto faith in Jesus. He criticizes the media for promoting debauchery and mocking Christian values. Savage blames Hollywood and the news business for poisoning the world and disregarding the sanctity of life. He highlights the significance of the Magna Carta and monotheistic religions like Judaism and Christianity. Savage chastises President Biden for the declining state of cities, civilization, and religion in America. Then, he remarks on the importance of leadership, referencing Jesus as the point man for Western Civilization. Savage emphasizes the importance of Western civilization and the challenges it faces. He stresses the need for prayer to connect with God, sharing a prayer from King David and the concept of the 13th Gate. In this powerful broadcast, listeners are encouraged to hold onto their faith in Jesus despite mockery or opposition and advises leading by example.

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