The Provocations of the Biden Administration’s Weakness

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Townhall Review – June 29, 2024

Chris Stigall sits down with former president Donald Trump to discuss Trump’s priorities, including the economy, inflation, the border, and national security.

Hugh Hewitt turns to Florida Congressman Mike Waltz who warns that the rhetoric and actions of the Biden administration could embolden Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah, potentially leading to a broader war and posing an existential threat to Israel.

John Solomon talks with Michael Oren, formerly Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S., about the current situation in northern Israel where rocket fire has reached the Sea of Galilee, posing a significant threat to Israel’s stability.

Hugh Hewitt and Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo critique the Biden administration’s foreign policy and national security strategies, and the importance of projecting strength to America’s adversaries. He discusses the China threat and the necessity of a firm stance against the Chinese Communist Party.

Dennis Prager and Victor Davis Hanson discuss the internal threats posed by political polarization and naivete in Hanson’s latest book, “The End of Everything: How Wars Descend into Annihilation.”

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