The REAL Danger Revealed by Pfizer Director’s Vaccine Confession | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 1/27/23

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After the South Carolina Freedom Caucus’ loyalty pledge that all members must sign was exposed, the caucus denied that such a clause exists — but Glenn has the receipts. Secret recordings of a Pfizer director attacking an employee have come from Project Veritas, and they don’t look good. Glenn ties together the Left’s attack on gas stoves and Pfizer’s recent, bombshell admission, showcasing the terrifying common thread. Glenn exposes the unyielding power the technological elites hold on society. Does Rhianna’s song, “Umbrella,” play in hell? Glenn shares a clip from his latest podcast that sheds an insightful light on the Declaration of Independence’s phrase “pursuit of happiness.” Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss the week’s biggest stories, including Biden’s sending tanks to Ukraine and the president’s delusions.

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