The Rise of Godless America and Law Graduates Face Mounting Student Debt

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We have been seeing a decline in those identifying as religious for some time now and in the absence of religious belief many have channeled that into political belief. What is America supposed to mean or what does it mean to be un-American? Politics has become the new religion and ideological intensity has risen driving a divide in the country. Shadi Hamid, contributing writer at The Atlantic, joins us for more.

Next, another story of students taking on mountains of debt only to have the high paying jobs they were promised out of reach. Law school, which was once seen as a great path to a well-paying job is the latest to be scrutinized as students often take out six figure federal loans. Recent graduates of the University of Miami School of Law borrowed a median of 163,000 and two years later, half of them were earning 59,000 or less, making it difficult to pay down their loans. Just 15% of recent grads were able to begin repaying their student loans after two years. Andrea Fuller, reporter at the WSJ, joins us for more.

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