The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast – Aug 26 2020

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Pennsylvania’s Ken Matthews sits in for El Rushbo and gives us all the latest on the GOP’s most energized, diverse and youthful convention ever. This administration is on the case as hurricanes storm up the Gulf. Bette Midler dumps hate on the beautiful, intelligent Melania’s speech. The BLM riots seem to be escalating as Portland hits 90 days of lawlessness. Syracuse professor placed on leave for referring to Wuhan Flu as “Wuhan Flu.” Melania’s speech epitomizes the American dream as offered to the world. 


Hillary: Biden should refuse to accept the election results, not concede no matter what! The left is entirely intolerant of you if you don’t agree with every last thing they say. Herschel Walker: Democrats and Biden are an insult to me. Pelosi declares the president a domestic enemy, spreads conspiracy theory about the post office suppressing voters. So many smart speakers at the RNC. The worst part of the mainstream news media, according to Ken Matthews. Democrats don’t realize how many law enforcement officers they’ve turned off with their shenanigans. 


Incredible callers! Ken Matthews is not a convention guy and doesn’t attend live. Tiffany Trump nailed it last night. This president is great at hiring people. Caller wasn’t on the Trump Train in the primaries because he seemed too liberal, but recounts how he was coaxed aboard. Ken praises Trump’s book that applies now: The Art of the Comeback. Immigrant who escaped socialism in Africa: God has given us this great land. Kaepernick vs. Hershel Walker. What are liberals feeding their kids? If you’re throwing bricks and burning buildings, you’re not a protestor; you’re a thug. Trump scores best job approval ever. When Democrats speak, the president’s numbers go up.

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