The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast – Oct 01 2020

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Unprofessional press corps brings Trump debate strategy into WH press briefing, barrage Kayleigh McEnany with questions on white supremacy. Biden lid called at 11:23 this morning, maybe to stop him from groping and sniffing women. Michelle Obama: Trump wants us to tune out. Rush in 2016 on faux media outrage over the Access Hollywood tape, mimics faux outrage over civility at debate. Astounding stats from Trump Duluth rally, filled with Democrats, new voters. 100% of Rush Store promotions now go to law enforcement heroes; go to Rush store for new apparel, to nominate heroes for the Support Our Heroes campaign. It’s time to start celebrating law enforcement again. WH press corps does to Kayleigh McEnany what they think Trump did to Biden. Trump has denounced white supremacy over and over, but media trying to create impression that he won’t do it.


TIME magazine reported Trump’s Charlottesville comments correctly at the time. More of WH press briefing on white supremacy. Hogan Gidley on Joe Biden’s racist past. Democrat hysteria over white supremacy must have something to do with Trump attracting black voters. The international chairman of the Proud Boys is black. Democrats want to end elections. Proud Boys leader: We’re not white supremacists. BET founder Robert Johnson says he can’t vote for Biden because he doesn’t know his economic plans. Barry Diller says New York is dying.


Chris Wallace asked Trump the same question during GOP debate in 2016, Trump denounced white supremacists, David Duke, KKK. Why did Wallace ask the question again? BET founder Bob Johnson says he’s voting for Trump. Barry Diller says NYC is dying and work from home doesn’t work. 18-year-old says there are young Trump supporters who are being missed by media. Former black Democrat on why she’s voting for Trump again. Chris Wallace and Trump. Biden campaign reverses itself on canvassing door-to-door, as Trump camp leads in new voter registration. C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, next debate moderator is a former Biden intern, attended 2016 “Biden Beach Boardwalk Bash.”

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