The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast – Oct 05 2020

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Kayleigh McEnany tests positive. There are no coincidences in politics. Dems try to postpone Barrett hearing. Democrats invoke God, think he’s punishing Trump, can’t contain their glee. Drive-By Media has cow over Trump drive-by SUV ride to thank supporters. Attending physician at Walter Reed criticizes, Meadows defends. Caller raises bioterrorism as possible source of WH outbreak. Caller wishes Trump didn’t do the limo ride. Dexamethasone hysteria. Medicine corrupted by politics like everything else. We can’t make the media stop hating us, we just have to keep defeating them. CNN fake sympathy after two McEnany staffers test positive. Former Secret Service agent on Trump ride. Three WH reporters have tested positive.


Axelrod tweets Trump should hand power to Pence while on Dexamethasone because of mood swings, Pure hatred on CNN and all through media for us. Rush’s video in support of law enforcement. Menopause causes mood swing, should women be disqualified from the presidency? Media touts NBC News/WSJ poll showing Biden +14, same poll, same time in 2016 showed Hillary +11. Montage of media in 2016 saying election was over. Rush in 2016 told us NBC/WSJ poll was fake. Babylon Bee: Trump puts BLM sign on SUV to avoid criticism. There’s no Plan B for America if Trump loses. We can’t lose.


Rush talks to Lord Conrad Black about President Trump, the election, the state of American media and the update to his latest book: “A President Like No Other: Donald J. Trump and the Restoring of America.” Conrad Black amazed anyone in America would choose Biden over Trump. Trump surges in Zogby poll taken after coronavirus diagnosis. Impact of Access Hollywood vs. COVID-19 diagnosis, both have caused psychological pauses in campaign. Trump tweets that he’s leaving Walter Reed at 6:30PM, says don’t be afraid of COVID — David Rodham Gergen’s worst nightmare. Dems try to delay Barrett confirmation by any means necessary. There’s no Plan B, just Plan A: Winning.

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