The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast – Sep 11 2020

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Ratings plummet for NFL. 19 years ago, BLM and Antifa types were not born or infants, police officers were heroes, now these same people are destroying America. Rudy: Nobody took a knee in 2001. J.J. Watt doesn’t understand why fans booed. The Atlantic editor admits his story could be wrong. They can’t get Trump, no matter how much they lie, and it’s driving them nuts. Trump always gets the last laugh. Bolton’s book debunked The Atlantic hit. Trump rally in Michigan interrupted when crowd chants “I love you.” Obstruction of justice: Mueller lawyers wiped their phones before turning them over to Durham. NFL fans livid, corporate America misreads the public. NFL ratings down double-digits. Fans are booing the politicization of sports, support of Marxist BLM. Liberal deforestation, energy policies are major cause of worsening fires, power supply.


Bahrain joins UAE-Israel peace deal. Corporate climate change marketing and the rejection of the politicization of sports. The NFL has joined the media: The customer is always wrong. NFL hierarchy embarrassed of their fan base. Trump rallygoers love being part of something special. Trump tweets Ivanka’s theme: Washington hasn’t changed us, we’re changing Washington. Culture is downstream from politics. Portland Mayor is wildly unpopular. Every day is a new scandal that is supposed to be the end of Trump and it never is. We’re the majority, and, if the left didn’t have the media, we might not even notice the tiny minority. California’s energy debacle. Trump scandal outrage has reached absorption level, nobody believes or takes media’s new scandals seriously.


LA County Health Director admits schools won’t open until after the election. Stories hyping worse is yet to come on coronavirus. Trump has momentum, Biden spokesman dodges questions on teleprompter use during Q&As. Gayle King, CBS morning show crew doesn’t understand NFL crowd booing, social justice preaching, blaming. Chiefs fan caller felt like he was being called a racist. Poll: 86% of people think other people’s news sources are biased. One Chief knelt for anthem. Andy Reid’s face shield fogged up. NFL teams tell players they cannot have guests in hotel room, but not to stand for the anthem. Soviet-bloc immigrant sees communists taking over America.

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