The Solutions are in Space: Out of This World Innovations Will Soon Transform Our Lives

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What if we could grow organs tailored for a specific person’s body or develop energy far more abundant, reliable, and inexpensive than anything we’ve ever had before?
Could we create technology that boosts national security and possibly makes world peace more likely?

Those goals may seem like science fiction but they are very real and much
closer to reality than many of us realize. And they’re happening in outer space.

Today, Sara welcomes Mike Gold, Chief Growth Officer at Redwire. He is also the former NASA Associate Administrator for Space Policy and Partnerships among many other roles there. Mr. Gold is relentlessly optimistic about the flood of innovation in space that will change our lives here on Earth.

Gold tells Sara about the huge potential to end the current practice of waiting on others to die in hopes of getting an organ transplant. Instead, he says custom-made organs could be made for people in space. Gold says there is already tremendous progress on growing other types of human tissue, and he explains why there is so much more promise for this technology by doing it in space.

In addition to organs, Gold says space is also where we’re going to develop more effective medication for everything from insulin to cancer drugs.

Sara also gets Gold’s thoughts on the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) better known as UFO’s, whether he believes intelligent life has visited us, and why the process of investigating that question could bring us even more amazing innovations.

Finally, they discuss how all of this groundbreaking research is happening through very close partnership between the federal government and the private sector.
With so much bad news on this planet. knowing what life-changing improvements may be just around the corner, is reason for optimism.

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Time stamps:
0:05 Are we on the brink of massive technological change?
2:56 Mike Gold joins the Sara Carter Show
4:49 Space exploration unites us
7:42 Space Force is very important
10:11 Are we doing enough?
15:53 We could get blown up right now…
18:33 Inside the Artemis accords
21:34 3D printing organs in space
25:38 Working with other corporations
27:27 UAP latest
34:45 Where do we go from here?

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