The Truth Gets Smothered Unless We Have Free Speech

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There is a war on truth. Every day, we see the media peddling the false talking points of their political allies and treating the truth as a lie or even a danger to society. But unlike centuries ago or even a few decades ago, we have the ability to speak our minds and make sure people hear the truth. Think of the leftist narratives that got blown up because the truth got out: from the Russia hoax to COVID policy to the demonization of high school student Nick Sandmann.

And that’s why it’s more important than ever to speak the truth and to speak up for the right to free speech, especially as the FBI and other government entities worked to stifle online speech to benefit certain narratives or its political allies. There’s a reason free speech is part of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. We cannot give an inch, and every time you speak the truth and don’t give in to the people trying to cancel you, you strengthen free speech for the rest of us.

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Time Stamps:
1:37 What if historical figures had X?
5:47 Elon’s push to make speech, free
7:25 Giving the government control is so dangerous
8:45 Communication is the most powerful tool
11:51 Every single one of us has that power
14:28 They cannot control X
18:14 Nick Sandman
21:19 Twitter Files
22:17 Show close

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