The Truth Is Out There: Inside Sara’s Experience At Ancient Aliens Live

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Have you ever wanted to ask a probing question to an expert on aliens? What about being in the orbit of scientists who live and breathe the ancient astronaut hypothesis?

Sara just attended a stop on the Ancient Aliens Live Tour and wants to share everything she saw and who she chatted with about our journey to find our place in the universe. In a special, behind-the-scenes show, Sara shares what it was like to attend the event, her discussions with the experts in the green room, the crowd’s reaction to the show, and so much more. Sara got to talk to former British lead alien researcher Nick Pope, physicist Dr. Travis Taylor, and even the “Aliens” meme guy, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

It was an incredible night and we hope you enjoy Sara’s out-of-this-world journey behind the scenes at Ancient Aliens Live!

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Time Stamps:
0:05 The Truth is out there
4:14 I’ve been fascinated by Aliens my whole life
6:39 We have come a long way
7:59 The Speakers at Ancient Aliens Live
12:26 The audience
13:01 Why I went
14:05 The Green Room
14:39 My question
18:01 A dream come true for me
22:24 Are we close to disclosure?
23:54 Show Close

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