The Tudor Dixon Podcast: The Twisted Indoctrination of Children in Gaza with Brooke Goldstein

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In this episode, Tudor welcomes human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein to discuss the Gaza-Israel conflict, focusing on the indoctrination and radicalization of children in Gaza. Goldstein shares insights from her documentary, “The Making of a Martyr,” which exposes the system of oppression and child abuse in Palestinian territories. She criticizes the media’s reliance on information from Hamas and highlights the pervasive culture of violence promoted in schools, cartoons, and radio broadcasts. The discussion also covers the role of Hamas in Gaza’s transformation into a launching pad for rockets, the support of terrorism by some US Congress members, and the funding of Middle Eastern studies departments by Qatar. The Tudor Dixon Podcast is part of the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Podcast Network – new episodes debut every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. For more information visit

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