The U.S. Is Rolling Out the ‘Welcome Mat’ for Terrorists

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“Immediately after these demons go for Israel, they’ll go for the U.S. And the U.S. has a welcome mat on the southern border saying, ‘Come, get us.'” Those words from Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone ought to sober us up very quickly as to how the radical Islamist threat to Israel directly impacts us here at home. And as Sara has reported for more than two years now, our enemies are undoubtedly exploiting President Biden’s open borders to do us harm.

Today, Rabbi Lightstone, who was a critical partner in the creation of the Abraham Accords, joins Sara to explain the existential issues at stake as Israel seeks to destroy Hamas and how the unholy alliance of Russia, Iran, and China risks drawing the U.S. and others into a global conflict. Joining Sara from Israel, Lightstone also shares what the past two weeks have been like, the stress his own family has been under, and the pain he’s seeing in the families and friends of those butchered by Hamas.

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Time Stamps:
1:10 I can’t sleep
3:38 At a night to honor Israel
8:16 Aryeh Lightstone joins the Sara Carter show
11:18 Not believing their lying eyes
15:19 A Night to Honor Israel
18:26 They chant death to Israel
21:50 Will we get blindsided?
24:22 What were the people like?
26:59 Does Israel have the right to defend itself?
29:25 There is no ambiguity in this situation
31:46 What’s the deal with Iran?
36:05 What Can Americans Do?
41:50 Show Close

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