The Woke Joke: When Telling the Truth About Science Puts Your Career in Jeopardy

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Cultural arsonists are trying to divide and destroy our society over the most fundamental issues. They tell us men can have babies, compete in sports against women, and they encourage kids to consider whether they’re a boy or a girl. Biological reality keeps smacking them in the face but their crusade continues anyway.

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss is a stark example of a serious scientist suddenly under fire from the gender identity police, simply for doing her job. Weiss is an anthropologist who referenced whether human remains were male or female based on very clear and long-established characteristics.

That did not stop the transgender activists from demanding that Weiss use more inclusive language, since of course we couldn’t possibly know how those people “identified” hundreds or thousands of years ago. It’s completely absurd but the DEI-obsessed academic world is siding with the radicals anyway and Dr. Weiss is fighting for her career because she refuses to play the game.

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation about how experts know which remains are male and female, the political firestorm Dr. Weiss is being forced to endure, & why you can’t put a price tag on your integrity or reputation.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Woke Students are torturing me
3:19 Dr. Weiss joins the Sara Carter Show
6:49 Bones should not be reburied
10:03 The “two spirits” fight back
13:11 The Skeleton is beautiful
16:28 Male and Female skeleton
18:05 Woke American Anthropological Association
23:11 Is this a “Western” concept?
26:44 Victim Hierarchy
31:41 Words of Wisdom
34:37 Show Close



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