Title: Masters of Scale’s Reid Hoffman; Persona vs. Policy; Going Big (on Stimulus) or Going Home

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Description: LinkedIn co-founder and “Masters of Scale” podcast host Reid Hoffman has joined a number of prominent business leaders in speaking out on election integrity. The entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author is calling for patience and civility in awaiting election results, and considers the best options for American stability moving forward. GOP pollster Frank Luntz says undecided voters are struggling with their dislike of President Trump and their concern about Joe Biden’s policies following Trump and Biden’s opposing town halls last night. Luntz says the dueling town halls delivered little clarity to Americans still unsure of their candidate. Plus, New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy says to “go big or go home” when it comes to passing a federal stimulus package. He hopes to avoid broad lockdowns to deal with rising coronavirus cases in his state and across the nation.

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