TNT Told Charles Barkley Not to Say This. His Response Is Priceless | DIRECT MESSAGE

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Charles Barkley denouncing woke sports, Joy Reid smearing critical race theory critics, Don Lemon’s insane racism paranoia, and Seattle allowing reparations fees. First, Dave discusses a Charles Barkley interview where he laments how cancel culture has ruined the NBA and his job. Next, Joy Reid misrepresents Christopher Rufo and his positions on critical race theory to smear him. Don Lemon makes the baseless claim that he doesn’t know whether America sees black people as fully human. And finally, an LGBTQ event in Seattle is free for people of color, but requires a reparations fee from white people. Despite this event being held at a city park and seemingly against the law, the city has allowed the fee.

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