Too Soon? | 08-27-2021

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Sid is rolling solo on this Friday with Bernie out on vacation and boy is he fired up. Sid gives his opinion on what both Joe Biden and Donald Trump said about the suicide bombing in Afghanistan yesterday plus, the officer that shot and killed Ashli Babbit reveals himself to Lester Holt, Jen Psaki continues to snap at reporters who are asking important questions, and Nancy Pelosi refuses to comment on the situation in Afghanistan while celebrating Women’s Equality Day. Sid takes a ton of your calls on every topic and has actor/director/producer Danny A. stop by, as well as Constantine Maroulis  and a phone call from Sid’s mother that you are not going to want to miss. Since Bernie is out, Matt Meany hosts a special edition of The Peerless Boilers Beat Bernie Contest and Lidia Curanaj has some audio that will make you cringe in her Lidia Reports segment.


August 27, 2021


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