Transgenderism to Transhumanism with “Detransitioner” Ritchie Herron and Tech Writer Joe Allen

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Is the transgender movement a gateway to transhumanism? Or are the entirely separate, yet equally problematic in their own ways? Charlie sits down with Ritchie Herron, a male “detransitioner” who lived for over a decade as a female before fully condemning the medical community who encouraged him to transition in the first place, social media that reinforced his decision, and even the language that surrounds our conversation about “transgenderism.” Hear the truth about transgender surgeries and Ritchie’s powerful testimony of regret and ultimately empowerment. This is a powerful conversation concerned friends, parents, and grandparents must send to those they love who may be struggling with similar issues. Next up, Charlie welcomes Tech writer and transhumanist expert from Pandemic: War Room, Joe Allen, for a truly important and in depth discussion about transhumanism, the eventual merger of man and machine some predict for the future of the “human” species. From mechanical, digital, and genetic alterations of human DNA, Joe Allen lays out the frameworks for an emergent “techno religion” that threatens to be the next BIG, terrible thing. 

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