'Transhumanism' and the Coming Cyborg Reset with James Poulos

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In this deeply insightful and thought-provoking conversation, Charlie sits down with Dr. James Poulos, Executive Editor of The American Mind from The Claremont Institute and author of the fascinating new book ‘HUMAN, FOREVER: The Digital Politics of Spiritual War.’ From Bitcoin to Silicon Valley to solutions for our new technological era and how we can seize it for the betterment of humanity, James walks through everything you need to know about the percolating movement known as ‘transhumanism’ and the effects it has on the culture war to save The West from The ‘Woke.’ This is an episode you’ll want to listen to twice—once to take it all in and absorb new and potentially terrifying concepts like ‘Cyborg Vivariums’ and another round to take notes on a monumentally important episode for our future as human beings. 


Buy your own copy of Dr. Poulos latest work, ‘HUMAN, FOREVER’ at or go to to learn more. 

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