Treasure Hunt Ensues for Relics After Pandora Papers

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Some more on all the fallout from the Pandora Papers. Part of a global hunt looking for looted treasure has led to the offshore trusts of art dealer Douglas Latchford. Latchford has trafficked and profited from Cambodian artifacts he obtained over the years. He was indicted in 2019 and prosecutors wanted the forfeiture of any and all property related to his trade, but he died soon thereafter leading to the big question… What happened to all the money and looted treasures. Peter Whoriskey, reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for how the Pandora Papers shed some light where these relics might be.

Next, another story about the growing costs of being unvaccinated. A woman in Colorado is being denied a kidney transplant because both she and her donor are unvaccinated. UCHealth said she would be inactivated on the kidney transplant list unless she began the process of getting a vaccine. Studies have shown that Covid-19 can be especially deadly for recipients of kidney transplants with a mortality rate of 20-30%. Hannah Knowles, reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for more.

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