Trump Kills COVID Relief Bill via Tweet as Pence & Harris Prepare for VP Debate

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Today on the Brian Kilmeade Show:  The coronavirus rescue package needs CPR as President Trump closes, then reopens, talks via tweet.  White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow weighs in.  PLUS:  VP Debate tonight!  What Vice President Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris need to do make their candidate’s case.

[00:00:00] Brian’s BIG 3

[00:18:21] Jay Winik

[00:30:43] More To Know With Carley Shimkus

[00:36:27] Mercedes Schlapp

[00:54:47] Andrew McCarthy

[01:09:48] More To Know

[01:13:06] Larry Kudlow

[01:31:27] Chris Stirewalt

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