Trump, Lawfare and the 2024 Election

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Townhall Review – May 18, 2024

Mark Davis invites Texas Senator John Cornyn to respond to the maddening lawfare strategy NY judges and DAs are using against former President Donald Trump. 

Joe Piscopo talks with Andrew McCarthy about the latest details of the sham trial and the misdemeanor-turned-felony charges Trump is facing.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Donald Trump, about the trial and how he is purposefully being kept off the campaign trail, while President Biden, wresting with lousy poll numbers, rubs in the fact that Trump’s only available to debate him on Wednesdays because of the trial. Trump gladly accepted Biden’s snarky debate offer, even upping the ante. The full conversation is available on Highly Concentrated Hugh.

Hugh talks with Florida Congressman Mike Waltz, who’s serving on the House Armed Services Committee, about the reneging of military aid to Israel and how it sends a message to Hamas to hold out, hold on to hostages and wait for a ceasefire. They also talk about how the U.S. military needs to get serious immediately with the likes of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping ramping up their aggression.

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