Trump Organization Charged With Tax Crimes

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Prosecutors have charged the Trump Organization with a 15 year scheme to defraud the government and also charged its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, with grand larceny and tax fraud. These indictments are the first in the long running investigation into Donald Trump’s finances and business dealings. Ginger Gibson, deputy Washington digital editor at NBC News, joins us for these charges, Liz Cheney being named to the committee investigation the Capitol insurrection and the Supreme Court ruling on Arizona voting laws.

Next, be careful when you see your favorite influencers and personalities promoting cryptocurrency. With all the hype around crypto right now, many are promoting “alt-coins” or “meme-coins” and unfortunately they are often tied to what are known as pump and dump schemes. Influencers pump up the altcoins in their networks, the value rises for a very short period of time, major investors dump the coins when it hits their peak, and everyone else is left with these crypto coins worth nothing. Matt Binder, reporter at Mashable, joins us for the shady world of influencers promoting cryptocurrency.

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O'Reilly Update Morning Edition, July 5, 2021