Trump's Anti-Biden Ad, No Traveling For The Unvaccinated, and The Lone Star State Passes Massive Spending Bill on Border Security

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Tonight’s rundown:

  • With all eyes on Biden’s mishandling of Afghanistan, Donald Trump takes this opportunity to slam the President in a new ad 
  • The media has always been on Biden’s side, even when it comes to Afghanistan, but will they be able to save him from public opinion?
  • The CDC recommends that those who are unvaccinated not travel this Labor day weekend 
  • Tons of big news out of Texas – a new abortion law is a big hit against the progressive agenda, all pro sports teams must play the national anthem and billions of the state’s budget is allocated towards border security 
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom has 12 days left before he faces a recall vote, will heavy-hitting donors save him?
  • This Day in History, 1945: The Japanese surrender  
  • Final Thought: How to rebound after a tough few weeks

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After Torture from the Taliban, A Plea for President Biden

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