Trump’s Last Day, Anarchy Surrounds BLM March, and A Dismal Future For Americans

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Tonight’s rundown:  

  • The Senate is back in session and Mitch McConnell finally tells us who he thinks is responsible for the riots at the Capitol
  • Trump’s final 24 hours in office – will he pardon himself and his family?
  • How is Joe Biden spending his last day as a private citizen? Bill thinks Naps are involved
  • Destruction & Chaos – as a BLM March takes over NYC streets once again 
  • Looks like the “Cancel Culture” mob will continue long after Trump is gone!
  • Disgusting – The View slams Republicans for praising Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  • A horrific murder involving an illegal immigrant who had been deported 10 TIMES! But who is really at fault? The Turtle. 
  • A new poll shows that the majority of Americans are worried and pessimistic about the Nation’s future
  • This Day in History, 1977 – President Ford pardons Tokyo Rose
  • Final Thought: Hatred is off the chart – don’t get sucked in

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