Two Wise Men Discuss The War And The World – Savage & Rovin (Part 1)- #641

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Are radical Islamofacists trying to bring about the apocalypse? Novelist Jeff Rovin joins Savage to break down the war in Israel. Savage reveals that his son Russ donated $1 million to provide defensive tactical protective gear to Israeli reservists. Hear what Islamic radicals believe about the end of the world and the 12th Imam. Why is Iran stirring the pot and encouraging chaos? How unchecked immigration puts the West at risk. Savage’s Jack Hatfield series, including Countdown to Mecca, examined terrorism in radical Islam. Why is jihad so dangerous to all people? Did all the Israeli defensive gear go to Ukraine? Why are the Fabian Socialists in the Biden Administration pushing for war? Has Hamas led Israel into a trap? Will Iran flood Gaza with conscripts?

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