UKRAINE; What is real? (learn what Russia expert and former CIA analyst Rebekah Koffler & U.S. tank commander Lt. Col. Daniel Davis reveal) – #599

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Was the entire Russia insurrection a strange maskirovka, a deceptive charade meant to confuse and distract Russia’s enemies? Savage speaks with two experts to cut through the media spin and find out what is happening in Russia. First, hear from strategic military intelligence analyst and the author of Putin’s Playbook Rebekah Koffler. Then, retired US Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis joins as both offer their expertise.  What is next for Russia and Putin? Where does this leave Ukraine? How concerned should we be about US involvement in Ukraine?  What other motives did Putin have in this operation? Could this be a ploy to dispose of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu? The shocking legislation Senators Graham and Blumenthal have introduced to drag us into war. Hear the truth about Russia the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know.

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