Ultra MAGA Momentum: A Midterm Victory Report with Kari Lake

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One day removed from a marathon Election Night livestream that saw Jack Posobiec and Charlie furiously track results as they rolled in, the dynamic duo is back behind the microphones to give an update on results from across the nation. First, they recap what they saw last night and close the loop on a handful of unfinished races and respond to your comments and questions that flooded in all night to [email protected] Next, they tackle the truth behind a convoluted abortion referendum in Kansas that the Activist Media is eagerly pouncing on to suppress the Red Wave Momentum we witnessed across the nation last night. And finally, they’re joined by the de facto leader of that wave— Trump-Endorsed candidate for Governor in Arizona, Kari Lake, who— like Charlie predicted accurately on-air as results rolled in— seems poised to secure the Republican Nomination in Arizona’s Gubernatorial Race for a roadmap to clinching a decisive victory in November against ruthless Democrats and what it will take to unite a fractured party ahead of this nation’s most consequential midterm election in decades.

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The Red Wave is Coming