UnAmerican Express

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American Express has gone full woke. They’re hardly alone, but that hardly makes it any less depressing. It’s a revered American company…  Despair is the only emotion that is not allowed in the fight against the Left… Dennis talks to Cicely Davis, candidate for the fifth congressional district in Minnesota. She’s running against Ilhan Omar.  A Beverly Hills boutique bans masks. Why? Thieves have been robbing stores while wearing masks… How long will people continue to wear masks. There is no evidence they work… Dennis talks to Mark Shavitz, PragerU donor in Las Vegas.  There is rational and irrational evil. If you rob a store, that’s evil, but it’s rational. But there are certain eruptions of evil that make no sense. The mutilation of children by “sweet” doctors is one example. Are there diabolical forces loose in the world?
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