United Airlines Terminating Nearly 600 Employees Who Failed to Comply With Vaccine Mandate

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United Airlines has the strictest vaccine mandates of all the U.S. airlines and just announced that they will move to fire almost 600 workers who failed to comply. The company has about 67,000 employees and about 96% of them have been vaccinated. Others who sought exemptions for religious or medial reasons will be placed on temporary unpaid leave. Leslie Josephs, airline reporter at CNBC, joins us for how the ball is dropping for those refusing the mandate.

Next, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that 23 animals and plants have been cleared off the endangered species list and are officially extinct. The most notable animal on the list is the ivory-billed woodpecker which is sometimes referred to as the “Lord God Bird.” The last reported sighting was in 2004, but even then it was not confirmed. Dino Grandoni, environmental reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for more.

Finally, Texas politics is taking over America. Recent happenings there such at the strict new abortion law, the Haitian immigrant crisis, and any action taken on Covid have all extended beyond the Texas borders and influenced the national debate on those topics. Marissa Martinez, fellow at Politico, joins us for how everyone is talking about Texas.

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