Unpacking the “Single Worst Poll for Democrats of All Time” with Pollster Richard Baris

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After an update on the Christmas Parade Terror Attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Charlie is joined on this episode by Rich Baris of Big Data Polls, resident expert on all things analysis for The Charlie Kirk Show, to walk through his latest results in a wide ranging opinion poll on Biden, Trump, vaccines, mandates, and much more. He explains how a 2024 rematch would look, and the results may surprise you—especially when it comes to the all-coveted woman vote. He also goes through Americans’ general feelings about the vaccines and how his data verifies what we’ve said on this show for months about adverse effects of the Jab. Finally, Rich explains what Republicans in power can do to blow what appears to be a massive lead going in to 2022—you’ll want to hear what he has to say. 

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