Veterinary Offices Face Slowdowns and the 9 Political Categories in Modern America

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Checking in on our furry friends and the people who help keep them healthy… the pandemic has caused all sorts of backlogs at veterinary offices. Vet staff has been increasingly stressed out as there have been spikes in demand for services, slowed-down curbside protocols, labor shortages, and pets having to be turned away in some cases. HG Watson, contributor to the Guardian, joins for what to know.

Next, every wonder why you feel like you might not fit into a particular political party? Americans are divided for sure, but it goes beyond a left or right thing. Even within each party there are deep divides. Pew Research sorted American ideologies into nine distinct categories, four that lean left, four that lean right, and stressed sideliners in the middle. And for those that do fit into the center, they often hold little common ground. Baxter Oliphant, senior researcher at the Pew Research Center, joins us for the wide spectrum of political beliefs.

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