VICTORY: SCOTUS Decimates The Deep State AND Jack Smith’s Sham Trial Against Trump

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If you have listened to any pundit or podcaster on the left over the last couple of days, you may believe that America has just become a monarchy and Trump was crowned king by the Supreme Court. In a dramatic speech, President Biden appeared very worried and breathlessly explained how this decision would pave the way for totalitarianism in America.

 Is that really true?

On an exciting episode of the Sara Carter Show, a friend of the show and former AG for the beautiful state of Arizona Mark Brnovich joins the program to talk about the Trump immunity case. Sara and Brno also discuss the ruling on Chevron deference which could play a major role in finally destroying the deep state that has acted as a fourth branch of government in America for far too long.

They end the conversation by discussing the latest developments in a rumor that President Biden may not appear on the 2024 ballot vs. President Trump.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Will Trump be King?
4:40 This is who we are dealing with
9:42 Mark Brnovich joins the Sara Carter Show
10:08 Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, Chevron Deference
14:48 I have investigated over-regulation
17:05 Trump defeats weaponization
23:12 This is actually a very reasonable decision
26:54 Every revolution eats its own
33:49 Biden investigated Border Patrol agents
36:39 Illegals get free care
40:01 The NYT emailed me
44:49 The legacy media matters
50:15 Will Dems dump Biden?
60:18 A sense of angst among Americans

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