VISITING CONEY ISLAND & Other Newly Found Radio Gems – #741

Michael Savage 01
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Kick off the Independence Day holiday with some newly found rare Savage radio gems! Savage reflects on his departure from New York and the liberal mentality he broke out of in a piece entitled “Let My Sheeple Go!” He laments the trajectory of the nation and its loss of morality, declaring that our society is now “upside down.” He shares anecdotes from his life, visiting Coney Island and the fate of neighborhood legends. Then, Savage debates liberal callers about immigration and how the Left is making America a third-world nation. He reveals how the Right and the Left work in tandem, while he and others fight to remain TRUE INDEPENDENTS. He muses on the magic of radio and its unique intimacy in the modern media landscape. Then, he explores the existential… What motivates us to go on when we know we will ultimately die?

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