Weekly Review With Clay and Buck H1 – Jul 30 2022

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In order to not embarrass Democrats, the White House Council of Economic Advisers redefines the word “recession.” Janet Yellen tries to convince Americans we’re not in a recession — and it’s “unlikely” even if we are told it’s a second consecutive negative quarter on Thursday. The White House is in denial about recession, like they were on inflation. Clay’s awesome time at the Sunshine Summit in Florida, which led to a nightmare return flight schedule, when he was trying to get home ASAP and spend time with his sons. After talking with and encountering other families sleeping in the airport for three days, Clay says, “I don’t know what’s going on with air travel right now, but it’s broken.” Buck’s guilty pleasure television series: “Alone,” which is just where Buck doesn’t want to be in nature, though his dad taught him how to rough it when he was a kid. Happy 75th Birthday to Buck’s dad, Mason Speed Sexton, who he says doesn’t look a day over 55 and is still itching to compete on TV wilderness survival shows.

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