WH Hopes to Avert Holiday Shopping Crisis and Ease Supply Chain Issues

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The White House has scrambled to help ease the situation at ports off the coast of California and avert a holiday shopping crisis. President Biden announced this week that the Port of Los Angeles will be open 24/7 and that major companies will also expand their working hours to help offload products. While this may help in the short term, supply chain issues are expected to last into next year. Steven Overly, global trade and economics reporter at Politico, joins us for more.

Next, some good airline news for a change. For all those that love their carryon bags, overhead bin space is getting bigger and there are also more spots. The changes are rolling out on newer planes, but space is increasing by 50% and both passengers and the airlines are finding that it is reducing the friction of loading on the plane. Scott McCartney, Middle Seat columnist at the WSJ, joins us for more space in those overhead bins.

Finally, we recently heard that the ivory-billed woodpecker was deemed extinct and now the American bumblebee could be at risk. Their population has decreased by 89% across the country and has already disappeared from 8 states. Climate change, pesticides, loss of habitat, and competition from honey bees are driving their numbers down. Asha Gilbert, trending reporter at USA Today, joins us for what to know.

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