What If China Launched a Massive Criminal Drug Operation in the U.S., and No One in Our Government Cared?

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We know China is sending the ingredients to make fentanyl and other deadly poisons that kill our loved ones. Sara and her family have lost close friends. You probably know a family devastated by this horror as well.

From the federal level to local government, officials love to give lip service to cracking down on drug trafficking but the reality is that most prefer to pretend the problem does not exist.

Today, Sara is joined by Steve Robinson, editor-in-chief at Following up on a Department of Homeland Security memo about illegal marijuana grows in Maine, Robinson’s extensive investigative reporting shows transnational criminal organizations linked to the Chinese Communist Party are buying up huge amounts of land in rural Maine.

Robinson explains the maddening circle of “buck-passing,” where local, state, and federal officials all insist some other agency is responsible for cracking down on this criminal activity. He also highlights evidence of human trafficking to bring in workers for these illegal drug operations.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 China’s Massive Weed Operation
4:10 Steve Robinson Joins the Sara Carter Show
7:26 Law enforcement won’t act
9:53 The Chinese “playbook”
12:23 Jurisdictional mess
14:24 Are they on the Chinese payroll?
16:26 Who is the middleman?
18:40 Left holding the bag
20:05 Are these illegals?
21:23 The timeline of these farms
24:38 Anti-social behavior
25:15 Show close



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