What Is a Woman?

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Dems in Kansas strongly object to Republicans attempt to define what a woman is. This is what we’ve come to… Teens show very little interest in getting a driver’s license. Why is that? Dennis has theories. So do callers.  Dennis expands on the topic that ended the last hour: why are teens uninterested in getting their driver’s license? To be happy you have to grow up. To grow up you have to take responsibility. The longer you remain “a teen,” the unhappier you will be.  Issues raised include: how were you able to determine the lockdowns would cause harm so early on; should one use the pulpit to discuss politics; you are right about masks… but wrong about ivermectin; you are wrong when it comes to loving your enemies; why are you so condescending to Sean aka “GGG”; which country is the most evil country in the world; I disagree with you on having cameras in the classroom.
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