What’s Next for TPUSA? With Jack Posobiec and Rob McCoy

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As we reflect on Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit with this episode recorded live from the Rumble Booth in Tampa, Florida. Charlie is joined by TPUSA Contributor and host of Human Events Daily Jack Posobiec for a conversation on how much Turning Point events have grown over the past ten years, and where they are headed. Jack also uncovers a bombshell story on the 15 billion dollar anti-depression industry, and how it is plaguing Americans today. Next, Charlie welcomes his personal pastor and show favorite Rob McCoy on the program to discuss the upcoming TPUSA Faith’s Pastor Summit in Coronado, California coming up August 10-12. He tells listeners what they can expect at the summit, who can attend, who is speaking, and more. If you’re a pastor, register today at

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